AKT-ZENT, ITI Theatre Research Centre

AKT-ZENT Research Centre of ITI works exclusively for the innovation of theatre training methods. All seminars, master-classes and lectures in any country are considered as part of the permanent World Theatre Training Laboratory. The world is entering a new, rapid, stage of its development, in which the distribution of new information technologies assumes the character of a global information revolution. This so-called digital revolution is determining the motion of an entirely new type of society and has impacted upon how artists relate and act within it.

All research laboratories are giving birth to exercises and methods to be published in the World Theatre Training Library. This on-line compendium will be the basis for a “hybrid online education” to be developed in the coming years.

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Artistic Director
Dr. Jurij Alschitz: akt.zent(at)berlin.de

Programme Director
Christine Schmalor: akt.zent(at)berlin.de


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