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The World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT works exclusively for the innovation of theory and practice of theatre training. All seminars, master-classes and lectures in any country are considered as part of the permanent World Theatre Training Laboratory. They are giving birth to exercises and methods to be published in the World Theatre Training Library.

Since 2010 AKT-ZENT develops the first full-scale curriculum for the M.A. “Teaching Professional Theatre Practice”, which has been implemented in international pilot programmes.

The world is entering a new, rapid, stage of its development, in which the distribution of new information technologies assumes the character of a global knowledge revolution. This so-called noosphere is determining the motion of an entirely new type of society and has impacted upon how artists relate and act within it.

The artistic director Dr. Jurij Alschitz enters with the World Theatre Training Institute a new era of educational practice with a range of innovative projects. The scientific focus lies in the development of hybrid tuition which combines distance learning and contact education through an international team of teachers.

The most prominent project of the hybrid programme is “ALthattheatre”. Here, the team-teaching model works with the methods of spherical education and knowledge resonance a.o.; the emphasis on specific learning algorithms with high impact foresees an intensive contact phase of 40 days enough for 40 years of self-creation with the effect of reducing time and saving financial resources; furthermore reaching students in any region of the world.

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The World Theatre Training Institute has launched its own hybrid theatre platform for online education as a complementary tool for any new programme addressing learners world-wide.

The World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT accepts proposals for cooperation from all ITI centres and committees.


Artistic Director
Dr. Jurij Alschitz: akt.zent(at)

Programme Director
Christine Schmalor: akt.zent(at)



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