ITI World Congress

Every 2 to 3 years ITI organizes, in collaboration with an ITI Centre and a chosen city, a main event: the ITI World Congress. It is a gathering of ITI members from all continents. The ITI World Congress has four parts:

1) The Artistic Part with performances (local and international), international collaboration projects
2) The Educational Part with presentations, workshops, master classes, seminars, conferences, round tables, etc.
3) The Humanistic Part with workshops and presentations, and community projects
4) The Statutory Part with General Assembly, meetings of Committees, Networks, Forums and Project Groups.

Since its creation, 34 ITI World Congresses have been held. The last one was hosted by the Armenian Centre in Yerevan, in 2014.

Link for the next ITI World Congress (in development)

>>Director General Congress Report 2011, Xiamen/China
>>Director General Congress Report 2014, Yerevan/Armenia

Please send us an email at info(at) and we will send them to you