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World Theatre Day 2018
The International Theatre Institute and the Executive Council of ITI are happy to announce the selected five message authors for World Theatre Day 2018:

Asia Pacific: Ram Gopal BAJAJ, India
Arab countries: Maya ZBIB, Lebanon
Europe: Simon MC BURNEY, UK
The Americas: Sabina BERMAN, Mexico
Africa: Wèrê Wèrê LIKING, Ivory Coast

Please click here: www.world-theatre-day.org/messageauthor.html to discover the messages.

We urge you to translate all the messages in your language and send us the translated version (including the name of the translator).
2018 – The Year of ITI – 70th Anniversary of the International Theatre Institute
Creation of a Special Calendar on the ITI Websites
Please let us know if you are organizing a Celebration event or if you are organizing festivals, conferences, workshops, seminars, a showcase, etc. that are part of ITI´s 70th Anniversary celebrations.
Please send the information well in advance to info(at)iti-worldwide.org so that we can put it on the ITI Website and make the ITI members aware. >>Please click here to see the map.
Vive ITI!
2018 is the year of ITI. Let´s celebrate it, including both artists and audiences, and increase the visibility of ITI.
Anniversary Logo in your language
As mentioned before, the General Secretariat offers the ITI Centres the opportunity to create the logo in their native language(s). If you want the logo, please send an email to info(at)iti-worldwide.org and attach a Word file with the text in your language.
World Theatre Day 2018
The General Secretariat is now working on the World Theatre Day Celebration that will take place on Tuesday 27 March at the UNESCO buildings in Paris. The selected message authors will be announced very soon on the ITI website, and the messages and Message Authors information will be sent out to all ITI Centres and Cooperating Members very soon. We invite all of you to share with us how you plan to celebrate World Theatre Day so that we can add it to the virtual map on the websites.
Please send information about the location, the programme and the date of the celebration, together with a picture to news(at)iti-worldwide.org
First World Mime Conference, and First World Mime Students Festival
The World Mime Organization are proud and happy to invite you to take part in the First World Mime Conference, and First World Mime Students Festival, in Belgrade, Serbia, from 21 to 23 March. The WMO wants to bring together everyone from the world of mime to have a truly rich gathering, and so the Conference and Festival is open to mime professionals, practitioners, theoreticians, researchers, artists, producers, professors, students, agents, festival organizers and financiers, as well as practitioners of theatre, dance, film, broadcasters and anyone else interested. The WMO would like to make a particularly special call to people with hearing impairments, who they are keen to have as part of their beloved audience.
>>For more information please click here. To >>see the programme of the conference, please click here or write an email to conference(at)worldmime.org
Worldwide Call for Young Theatre Artists
NEAP FEST is the first theatrical exchange festival organized by members of the Network of Emerging Artists and Professionals of the International Theatre Institute. It will take place in October 2018, at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We invite proposals from artists and collectives with at least 70% of your members 18 to 36 years old.
Please email at coletivoegregora@gmail.com or itineap@gmail.com to receive submission guidelines and >>please click here for more information.
Last Reminder: International festival of Theatre and Other Performing Arts
The ITI Centre of the Congo Republic is opening on the organization of the first edition of the FITAAS (International festival of Theatre and Other Performing Arts), that will happen from 27 to 31 March 2018. For this upcoming festival, they are looking for theatre companies from Europe, Maghreb, West Africa and two from Central Africa. The file to be provided for any theatre company that wishes to participate must include:
• the biography of the author, the director, the actors (along with an ID photo for each);
• the synopsis of the show and the creative process;
• a stage photo;
• the technical sheet with precision for the sound and light requirements;
• a video capture of the show;
• the presentation of the company (indicating the name, the date of creation, the number of productions made, the complete address, ...).
The number of members of the troupe (comedians, directors and technicians) must not exceed five (05).
Please send your file no later than 01 February 2018 to: iticongobrazza(at)yahoo.fr or ylewalet(at)gmail.com.
Third IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2018
The International Association for Performing Arts and Research is happy to announce the Call for Participation in the third IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2018. The IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2018 will feature performances from across the globe, master-classes, as well as formal and informal interactions between artists from India and elsewhere. This festival is a step towards a sustained effort in curating a festival with a purpose of bringing innovative performances to the city where an ‘Actor’ will be at the centre. The focus of the festival would hence revolve around the ‘Actor’ taking Centre stage. This festival will take place in Pune, India in November 2018. The deadline for submitting an application is 27th March 2018. Send an email to iapar.festival(at)gmail.com for the detailed application form.
iSTAN, the international Stage Arts Network, a joint initiative between the International Theatre Institute and the Central Academy of Drama Beijing, has a very exciting announcement it wishes to share with you. iSTAN would like to make you all aware of the iSTAN International Theatre Costume and Makeup Design Competition which it will be running in 2018. This competition is open to Professionals and Students from all over the globe, and is split into two categories of Costume Design and Make-up Design. A total of four prestigious iSTAN Gold Awards are up for grabs for the winners of each category; a Professional and Student Gold Award in the Costume Design Category and a Professional and Student Gold Award in the Makeup Design Category. A total of six Excellence Awards will be made available to notable runners-up. What’s more, the winners of the Gold Awards will then be invited to Beijing for the Award Ceremony and Excellent Competition Work Exhibition on 25 May 2018.
For full details on how to enter the competition, including deadlines and requirements, please see the Open Call. >>For full details, please click here
Award of Nube Sandoval And Bernardo Rey
Nube Sandoval And Bernardo Rey, Directors Of Theatre Cenit – were awarded by the National Association of Theatre Critics (ANCT) and Catarsi-Theatres of Diversity (European Review) on the 12th December 2017, in Rome, Italy. The award ceremony, established by the European review "Catarsi-Theatres of Diversities" directed by Vito Minoia, was held on 12 December 2017 at the Teatro Argentina in Rome as part of the prestigious initiative of the Critics Award organised by the National Association of Theatre Critics presided by Giulio Baffi, on the occasion of the opening day of the Europa Theatre Prize.
Support "Theatre as a Bridge"
After 20 years of working internationally with refugees who have experienced torture, the Ellen Stewart Award Winners Nube Sandoval and Bernardo Rey, based in Colombia are finally building the headquarters of "Theater as Bridge" in the heart of the Sierra Nevada, in Minca, Colombia. It will be a space dedicated to resilience, art and ecology. A space to heal the invisible wounds opened by the conflict, through empowerment and the strengthening of a sense of belonging. They are launching a campaign and need your support for their project "Theatre as a Bridge". They are doing great work in using theatre as an instrument for social transformation. >>For giving donations over Crowd Funding please click here.
>>For the video of their campaign please click here.
Hungarian Centre
We would like to share with you the Newsletter of the Hungarian Centre of ITI, edited by Anna Lakos, and translated by Attila Szabó. This newsletter shows all activities led by the Hungarian Centre during 2017 and the future projects for 2018.
>>Please click here to read it.
New Centre
The new UK Centre of the International Theatre Institute has been appointed by the Executive Council, reconnecting the United Kingdom with ITI after the previous Centre was closed down in 2013. The UK ITI office is at Morecambe Fringe, which is based in the West End area of Morecambe in the North West of England. The new organization plans a growing calendar of activities with partnerships all over the UK and the rest of the world where there are performing arts - and also where there are none. ITI is very excited about this new Centre and we are looking forward to our future collaborations! For more information please visit the UK Centre page on the ITI Website at: www.iti-worldwide.org/unitedkingdom.html
UNESCO Global Report 2018: Re-Shaping Cultural Policies
The launch of UNESCO’s 2018 Global Report took place at the UNESCO headquarters on 14 December. Since 2015, the report series examines how the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2005) has inspired policy change at the global and country level and puts forward policy recommendations for the adaptation of cultural policies to rapid change in the digital environment, based on human rights and fundamental freedoms of expression. For the first time reports and recommendations from Civil Society Organizations have been added. ITI’s representative at the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, Cornelia Dümcke, was a member of the international CSO working group for this report. Report (252 pages) and a short Summary are free accessible at the UNESCO site in English and French.
ITI Germany yearbook 2017 is published
Freedom and democracy - these are the values, which must be defended worldwide - Especially in the past year the rights and the freedom of artists were seriously threatened and restrained by the raising populism and religious fanatism. On the occasion of the many censorship actions in Poland, Hungary or Russia (which massively restricted the artists in their work opportunities) the annual of ITI for 2017 is focusing on the symptomatical developments of nationalism and populism, which try to hinder a democratic and culturally open togetherness. The new yearbook is thematically continuing the row of the past two annuals of ITI „Understanding“ (2015) und „Who is Europe?“ (2016). >>The annual is accessible here.
XXX National Encounter of Theatre Lovers
The Mexican Centre of ITI is happy to share with you the programme of the XXX National Encounter of Theatre Lovers that will be held from 6 to 28 January 2018 In Mexico City. That will be the first celebration of the 70th Anniversary of ITI from the Mexican Centre. For this event, more than 49 theatre companies from all over the world will perform.
>>Please click here to see the programme.
7th Colombo International Theatre Festival
The Colombo International Theatre Festival is an annual event hosted by IAA. This is one of the biggest opportunities for the performers of the world to unite and perform. The motto of the festival – Let’s get the hearts together to tie the knot of Camaraderie, unity and tranquillity through dance, drama, workshops and Meeting. For the 7th edition that will happens in from 5 to 12 July 2018 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, they are looking for application for performances. >>Please click here for more information and to fill up the application form. The deadline is 25 January 2018.
2018 Dramatic Arts Workshop in Sri Lanka
This workshop was born out of a collaborative conceptualisation between Sri Lanka and the Philippines as one of the umbrella projects of Dramaturgy Education Exchange Programme, the flagship programme of IPF which originated from the Philippines. The Dramatic Arts Workshop was the very first capability building/training received by Sri Lankan theatre artists after decades of struggle between the theatre community and the government. In continuation of the effort to strengthen the theatre arts community in Sri Lanka, the 2018 Dramatic Arts Workshop will be conducted from 21 to 27 March 2018.
>>More details can be found here.
16th edition of the HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival
The registration for the 16th edition of the HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival, which will take place from 1 to 15 October in Yerevan, Armenia is opened.
>>Please click here to download the registration form. The deadline is 15 March.
III Shaki International Theatre Festival
We are happy to inform you that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic and the Executive Power of the city of Shaki holds the III Shaki International Theatre Festival (SITF) from 12 to 19 May 2018. This festival will be arranged within the framework of the State Program “Development of the Azerbaijan Theatre in 2009-2019”.
>>For more information please click here.
>>To download the application form please click here.
International Scientific Conference
The Faculty of Dramatic Arts of Belgrade, Serbia, is organizing an International Scientific Conference with the theme Theatre between politics and policies: new challenges, on 23 and 24 March 2018. They invite academics, artists, theatre practitioners, and students to propose paper/project presentations, thematic panel sessions, or workshops in these areas, or to suggest other innovative and provocative themes. Proposals should be submitted to email: theatreconference(at)fdu.bg.ac.rs. The deadline for proposals is 31 December 2017 and notifications of acceptance will be sent on 5 February 2018. >>For more information please click here, and for questions please contact jovana.karaulic(at)fdu.bg.ac.rs.
The ITI and the Congress websites are being updated with most the important decisions made during the Congress. The new Committee Reports that state the future plans and present the new boards are already online. Please have a look here: www.iti-worldwide.org/committees.html. The new Executive Council Members are also online www.iti-worldwide.org/executivecouncil.html. The pictures of the Congress are now available at: www.iti-congress.org/day1.html. The DG is also preparing a complete Congress Report with exhaustive information, pictures and contacts.
World Theatre Ambassadors
After introducing the first World Theatre Ambassadors during the 32nd ITI World Congress in 2008, in Madrid, and selecting key personalities from theatre all over the world in the past eight years, two new World Theatre Ambassadors were selected and presented during the Congress in Segovia. Paloma Pedrero from Spain and Philip Arnoult from USA. Paloma Pedrero has honoured ITI with their presence at the Award Ceremony. Philip Arnault was represented by William Wadsworth.
World Dance Ambassadors
In order to benefit from the invaluable and enthusiastic support of some of the world’s most highly distinguished figures of dance as well, the Executive Council of ITI has selected the first ever World Dance Ambassadors: Alicia Alonso from Cuba and Cristina Hoyos from Spain. ITI is especially honoured that the legendary dancer and dance educator Alicia Alonso has accepted to be the first World Dance Ambassador. Her presence at the Ceremony during the Congress was definitely one of the highlights of the 35th ITI World Congress in Segovia.
New Partner Organizations
ITI is proud to welcome the following New Partner Organizations: International Music Council (IMC) More information: www.imc-cim.org, European Federation of Professional Circus Schools (FEDEC) More information: www.fedec.eu and World Mime Organization (WMO) More information: www.worldmime.org.
New Honorary Members
At the Award Ceremony after the General Assembly, new ITI Honorary Members have been presented based upon their long-lasting support and commitment to ITI.
Christina BABOU-PAGOURELI, Greece
Ann Mari ENGEL, Sweden
Cecile GUIDOTE ALVAREZ, Philippines
Christoph HAERING, Switzerland
Nicole LECLERCQ, Belgium
György LENGYEL, Hungary
Henrik NEUBAUER, Slovenia
Yoko ODAGIRI, Japan
Marcio SOUZA, Brazil
Abhi SUBHEDI, Nepal
Toolkit for ITI Centres – Tools for Opening and Running a Centre
For quite a while the members of the General Secretariat assembled all the available information that concerns the opening and running of an ITI Centre and put it together in a publication.. It answers questions such as: Who founded ITI? What is the procedure to open a Centre? What are the ongoing artistic, educational and humanistic activities of ITI? How to go about to approach a National UNESCO Commission? What are the tools for increasing membership? Etc. The Toolkit for ITI Centres is available in English, French and Spanish. Please write to info(at)iti-worldwide.org so that we can send you a copy in the language(s) of your choice. The publication exists in PDF format.
The World Theatre Map
The World Theatre Map is a user-generated directory and a real time map of the global theatre community. This project features information about all kinds of theatre practitioners, theatre organizations, and productions. Similar to Wikipedia, anyone can add information and edit the Map. Currently, the project is in English and Spanish and features thousands of people, organizations, and their shows around the world. The purpose of the World Theatre Map is to connect the global theatre community and to facilitate conversation, knowledge sharing, and movement building. It’s an ever-growing map of the global theatre infrastructure, the art we make and the people in our theatre community. For more information please contact: Vijay Mathew: vijay(at)howlround.com or >>visit: https://www.worldtheatremap.org
It is with sadness that we inform you that the devoted artist, highly involved in ITI, Carlos During, has passed away. Carlos During was an active member of the Mexican Centre of ITI, and member of the former Committee for Cultural Identity and Development (CIDC), for more than 10 years. He always worked closely with indigenous peoples and local theatre people in his area of operation.
>>To read the full obituary written by his friend Alexander Stillmark, please click here.
It is with the regrets that ITI also inform you that Humberto Orsini has passed away. He was a renowned Venezuelan playwright. Vice-President of the Venezuelan Federation of Theatre, a body attached to the Venezuelan Centre of ITI, he became President of the Venezuelan Centre of ITI. In 1965 he was appointed as a member of the Executive Council of ITI, and a few months later he rose to the position of Vice President of ITI. Orsini has further served as chairman of the Committee for Cultural Identity and Development and as a member of the Committee for Theatre Education. He also wrote the World Theatre Day Message in 1995. >>To read the World Theatre Day Message in 1995 by Humberto Orsini, please click here.
Fuad Al-Shatti – Posthumous Acknowledgement as Honorary Member of ITI
In tribute to Fuad Al-Shatti, in recognition of his years of service and commitment to ITI, the Honorary Member of ITI Certificate was given to his son, Ahmed Fuad Al-Shatti, during the inaugural Fuad Al-Shatti Theatre Forum, a conference with performances, organized by the Arab Theatre of Kuwait. The title was bestowed to him in 2013 by the Executive Council of ITI.