Forum for Theatre Training & Education FTTE

To share the humanistic and artistic goals of the organisation, based on the core values of ITI: inspiration, representativeness, transparency and collaboration; specialised in training and education in the field of the performing arts, and at the vanguard of developments in the area. The FTTE aims to be representative of the current diversity of theatre approaches and theatre training around the world, and also seeks to promote the learning of the practice of theatre for personal development, artistic research, and social transformation.

FTTE is a workgroup, a platform within ITI / UNESCO that invests specifically in the training of the arts. There is a vast network open to all members of the ITI Centres who wish to participate. The principles of democracy, mutual respect, transparency and alternation must guide its action.

• To promote, develop and conduct training and research projects.
• To affirm quality as a hallmark of ITI/FTTE activity in this area.
• To provide international platforms for theatre education, training and research.
• To support creation and research by young theatre practitioners.
• To collect and share relevant information.
• To support the arts in countries where freedom of artistic creation and theatre education are not readily available.
• To support the mobility of artists and teachers

Key Activities
1. How to bring theatre to people? (International)
An event on exchanging thoughts and ideas between specialists from different countries for establishing an annual conference on how to involve people from different target groups in community theatre as participants of the performance. The experts in the specific field presented their experiences from different projects with videos, presentations, speeches, surveys, open dialogues. The whole event enhanced the mutual understanding and the best ways of cooperation for achieving the goals of how to bring theatre to people within the dynamics and possibilities of the cultures of the East and the West.

2. Chekhov International School: Master classes (Melikhovo, Russia)
To provide a platform for sharing knowledge and practices of theatre professionals in an effort to renew dialogue at the international level towards the Theatre of the Future. 30 theatre professionals joined our programs (announced through an open call) from countries including Uruguay, United States of America, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Egypt, Canada, Denmark, Russia, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria, Israel, Germany, Switzerland and Finland.

3. Tomorrow is preparing now (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) Give young schoolchildren in Burkina Faso a chance to participate in a project and to propose to the authorities in charge of education an original way of introducing art education into the school world. It aims to provoke the encounter of two worlds which are fighting the same struggle but which prejudice in our local context tends to oppose by considering one (the school) as a respectable universe and the other (the arts), Better as a hobby, at worst as a pariah activity. It is essential to drop watertight bulkheads to give younger children a chance that their elders certainly did not have. The objectives are to introduce students to theatrical practice; bringing together the world of the arts and the world of formal education; Create and disseminate shows.

Future Plans
Joint and collective project: Recollection of the practices of training trainers and theatrical education with a global dimension with a view to the production of a collective work:

1. Work on the production of a document on theatrical training, assessing the diversity of training practices in the context of arts education
2. Realize a working group (Google group)
3. Form a working group of specialist in artistic education and artistic training (2X9 people)
4. Have the permanent support of a human resource at the ITI General Secretariat
5. Collaborate with the Publication Committee.

Board Members and Members
Hamadou MANDE, Coordinator, Burkina Faso
Marine LIARD, Secretary, Belgium Wallonia

Carmen CARAFEL, Spain
Arana THAMER, Colombia
Amrut SAMAK, India
Marko STOJANOVIC, Serbia
Atsushi KAKUMOTO, Japan
Arthur CASANOVA, Philippines
Elmaze NURA, Kosovo
Akosva ABDALLAH, Ghana
Elvira M. J. BOSSON-KAMOUN, Sierra Leone
Indy LEE, Hong Kong
Bethusi LESOLOBE, Botswana
Viktor MELNIKOV, Denmark
Emre ERDEM, Turkey
Svud NAMSARAI, Mongolia
Israfil SHAHEEN, Bangladesh
Anu LAMP, Estonia
Christine SCHMALOR, Germany
Ulla SVEDIN, Sweden
Shafi AHMED, Bangladesh
Mikkel FLYVHOLM, Denmark
Samia HABIB, Egypt
José ASSAD, Colombia
Alberto GARCIA, Spain
Zelimir MESARIC, Croatia
Alain CHEVALIER, Belgium
Djamel KHABER, Algeria
Hamiza BOUKIR, Algeria
Jean-Henri DRÈZE, Belgium
Carlos CELDRAN, Cuba

For more information about FTTE or if you like to participate in FTTE, please connect with:
Hamadou MANDE: mandehama(at)
Marine LIARD: marine(at)

>>Activity Report 2011-2014
>>Interim Activity Report 2014-2016