International Stage Directors Network SDN

As a parallel to ITI’s Playwrights´ Forum, a network for directors is being developed. The proposed goals of the network include:
• To promote the interests of stage directors and to focus on the quality of directing.
• To exchange knowledge and know-how between stage directors.
• To impart knowledge and technical expertise to newcomers and students through workshops and internships.
• To invite stage directors to work at a theatre in another city or country and stage a play with the actors of that location.
• To create international projects with different stage directors, actresses, actors, dancers, choreographers and stage these at the ITI World Congresses, Theatre of Nations Festivals, Conferences or other international occasions.
• To create conferences with documentary presentations of the work done by the members of the network and host discussions about the work.
• To give beginners in stage directing and professional stage directors the opportunity to observe how a stage director employs cultural identity to create a play.
• To develop stage directors in community theatre who can work with non-professional participants and use their art in conflict zones.

For further information contact the General Secretariat: info(at)