ITI Publications Committee IPC

Key Activities
• The World of Theatre
• ITI info
• Social Theatre Book
• Theatre Fest Book
• Translated Plays

Future Plans (2017-2019)
• World of Theatre
• Bangladesh Centre will continue the publication of English version of the World of Theatre and the next edition will come out in 2019. The seasons 2016 2017 and 2017-2018 will be covered in this edition.
• ITI info Russian Centre will continue publication of ITI info with refreshed content.
• Website made by Russian Centre will be available in September 2017 for all. It´s aim is to promote projects of IPC and open access to publications, sent by all ITI Centres.
• Social Theatre book. Russian Centre plans to compile articles or issues concerning social theatre from all countries and publish it biannually from Congress to Congress.
• Theatre Fest Book. Publication on the web site listings of all international festivals.
• Translated Plays Book. The committee will explore the possibility of publishing regularly Plays Book translated into English. Cooperation with other committees would be highly appreciated.

Board Members / Members
Alfira ARSLANOVA, President, Russia
Babul BISWAS, Secretary, Bangladesh

Mofidul HOQUE, Bangladesh
Olga KANISKINA, Russia
Jose Laderas SANTOS, Philippines
Philly JEMBA jr, Uganda
Adil DIEFALLA. Sudan
Jim O´Quinn, USA
Guna ZELTINA, Latvia
Guingame Kira CLAUDE, Burkina Faso
Ajay JOSHI, India
Anna LACOS, Hungary
Levan KHETAGURI, Georgia
Zeljka TURCINOVIC, Croatia
Anu LAMP, Estonia
Maria KYRIAKOU, Cyprus
Vito MINOIA, Italy

Honorary President
Ramendu MAJUMDAR, Bangladesh

For more information about the ITI Publications Committee IPC please connect with:
Alfira ARSLANOVA: alfira.arslanova(at)
Babul BISWAS: waterflowerbd(at)

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