International Playwrights’ Forum IPF

We are committed to promoting playwriting and playwrights internationally and also to strengthen young playwrights worldwide.

We are involved in projects and networking for and with playwrights, dramaturges and translators all over the world. We are interested in worldwide exchange, and in educating young playwrights, dramaturges, and theatre practitioners.

• To get plays on stage.
• To get plays translated.
• To network and disseminate information to playwrights all over the world.

Key Activities
• International playwriting competitions
• Playwriting and dramaturgy workshops
• Long-term project in the Philippines and workshops in Europe and Asia in order to reach out to various countries in the world in order to educate and train playwrights and young practitioners in the basics of dramaturgy, playwriting and theatre arts.

Future Plans
• Philippines, Bacolod, February 2018 (long-term project since 2012)
Local responsible leader: August Melody Andong
• Sri Lanka, Colombo, 21-27 March 2018,
Local responsible leader: Rathna Pushpa Kumari
• Pune, India, IAPAR, November 2018, (date will be announced)
Local responsible leader: Vidyanidhee Vanarese (Prasad)

Future plans (open to further ideas):
1. Collaboration of IPF with the Korean International Duo Performing Arts Festival
2. Creating 5 regional IPF Groups
3. Building up an IPF Drama Archive

Awards for the winners of the 10 Minutes Plays Competition:
Unfortunately, the IPF could not offer a prize money to the winners. But as a result of the readings at the congress we have got the following interesting offers: We are very happy to announce that

1. Lucian Bulathsinghala (Ceo) Authors Composers & Performers Organization of Sri Lanka, has offered to publish the plays in English.

2. Cécile Guidote-Alvarez, Manila, Philippines, will broadcast the plays in Filipino language (Tagalo) at her private, local Radio Broadcasting Company in Manila.

Further details about the conditions (copyright, royalties) of the two offers will follow.


Office Bearers
Gad KAYNAR-KISSINGER, President, Israel
GIM Chang-hwa, Vice-President, South Korea
Rathna Pushpa KUMARI, Vice-President, Sri Lanka
Stasa MIHELČIĆ, Vice-President, Slovenia
Ursula WERDENBERG, General Secretary, Switzerland

Board Members
August Melody ANDONG, Philippines
Tatjana AZMAN, Slovenia
Jasen BOKO, Croatia
Siobhan BOURKE, Ireland
Fray Paolo CASUARO, Philippines
Richard CRANE, UK
Boaz GAON, Israel
Lia KARAVIA, Greece
Giorgos NEOPHYTOU, Cyprus
Heikki KUJANPAA, Finland
Gad KAYNAR, Israel
Stasa MIHELČIĆ, Slovenia
Talia PURA, Canada
Abdus SELIM, Bangladesh
SHEN Daniel Liang, China
Magdalena ZIRA, Cyprus
Constantina ZIROPOULOU, Greece
Andrea ZAGORSKI, Germany
Márcio SOUZA, Brazil

New IPF Members (since 2017)
Sadhana AHMED, Bangladesh
Yvon Lewa-Let MANDAH, Congo Republic
SANG Rhee Jae, South Korea
Priyanthi WAIJAYANTHIMALA, Sri Lanka
Ajay JOSHI, India
Vladislava FEKETE, Slovakia
Gherardo VITALI ROSATI, Italy
Armit ZARKA, Israel
Marijana VERHOEF, Germany
Saeed Reza KHOSHSHANS, Iran
Atsushi KAKUMOTO, Japan
Erez MAJERANTZ, Israel
Paulo Ricardo BERTON, Brazil
Ivanka APOSTOLOVA, North Macedonia

Ursula WERDENBERG: Uwerdenberg(at)


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