International Monodrama Forum IMF

To promote and celebrate monodrama, a play with one actor in every region of the world as a financially viable and yet an innovative and entertaining form of theatre.

To harness networks and expertise within and beyond ITI, to build databases, undertake research, distribute information, archive material, develop knowledge and technical skills in pursuit of our vision.

• To develop international and national networks for monodrama shows.
• To encourage and support experimental and innovative artistic research in the field.
• To organize professional training for actors, directors and other theatre professionals working in monodrama.
• To inform and educate theatre critics specializing in monodrama.
• To organize workshops, master-classes and other projects in order to contribute to the creative process.
• To organize meetings, conferences and symposia, in the framework of monodrama festivals, on the art of monodrama.
• To facilitate theatre people in countries facing language, cultural or other restrictions.
• To protect and safeguard national traditions and world cultural heritage.

Key Activities
Promoting monodrama festivals around the world and integrating our aims within these, or using these as platforms to pursue our aims.

Future Plans
Cape Town Monodrama Festival (South Africa, 4 - 9 September 2017)
International Festival of Monoperformances (Visaginas, Lithuania, 10 - 15 October 2017)
International Monodrama Festival (Pafos, Cyprus, 23 - 30 October 2017)
Fujairah International Monodrama Festival (UAE, January/February 2018)
International Festival of Monoperformances Vidlunnya (Ukraine, 6 - 15 June 2018)
Fundamental International Monodrama Festival (Luxembourg, June 2018)
International Festival of Monodrama MonoAKT (Kosovo, June 2018)
Thespis (Kiel, Germany 10-16 November, 2018)

Board Members and Members

Mohammed Saif AL-AFKHAM, President, Fujairah/United Arab Emirates
Minas TINGILIS, Vice-President,
Boloroo NAYANBAATAR, Vice-President, Mongolia
Olga POZELI, Secretary, Greece

Nina MAZUR, Ukraine
Jolanta SUTOWICH, Germany
KIM Jeong-ok, South Korea
Fray Paolo DIOSDADO CASURAO, Philippines
Fray Robert Tian SIONG SO, Philippines
Alfira ARSLANOVA, Russia
Abdulla RASHEED, Fujairah/United Arab Emirates
Pascal WANOU, Benin
Steve KARIER, Luxembourg
Alexander RUBINOVAS, Lithuania
Maria TANANA, Lithuania
Antonina MIKHALTSOVA, Belarus
Colin WATKEYS, United Kingdom
Mentor ZYMBERAIJ, Kosovo
Kurt EGELHOF, South Africa
CHOI Chyrim, South Korea
Seyed Ashraf TABATABAIE (Iran)
Emre ERDEM, Turkey
Marianna MKHITARYAN, Armenia
Irin Pervin LOPA, Bangladesh
Katia ENGEL, Indonesia
GIM Yena, South Korea
Lucian BULATHSMHALA, Sri Lanka
Nikhil GADGIL, India
GIM Ghanghwa, South Korea
Abdul Chafoor ALBALOSHI, UAE
Jessica KAAHWA, Uganda
Jerome L. DE SILVA, Sri Lanka


For more information about the International Monodrama Forum IMF please connect with: Olga POZELI: olga.pozeli(at)

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