Network for Heritage, Indigenous Cultures & Migration N-HIM

To strengthen identity – through theatre - of the marginalised demographics all over the globe and preserve the unique contributions and insights made by theatre creators, both in posterity and at present; to use globalisation positively to build cultural bridges to enable a better understanding of ourselves.

As a newly formed ITI network, we need to examine how we can effectively work in harmony with these three large fields to create dialogue and project partnerships that highlight these three fields within our network, both with other ITI members and with non-ITI theatre-makers and friends.

• To facilitate cultural exchanges, through dialogue and project collaborations with global partners, within the network, within ITI and beyond ITI.
• To investigate classical and indigenous cultures to better understand our possibilities of creating better bridges in the future through theatre.

Key Activities
• To install better and more frequent communication among existing network members;
• To actively seek ways to work with other networks - dance, monodrama, new work, children’s theatre, etc. – to bring about a better understanding of the dynamics of the new world we are living in of forced and voluntary migration and mixed heritages.
• To respect the great value of preserving cultures of indigenous people throughout the planet through dialogue, performance and representation;
• To examine further the contributions of ancient and classical theatre and how they continue to be relevant to our present.

Future Plans
1. An in-between Congress Board meeting of NHIM is being planned, possibly in Europe. No final plans yet.
2. Matthias Gehrt and Anina Jedreyko to collaborate on a project with Iraqi religious minority.
3. Upgrade visibility on Facebook and other social media. Frequent communication among members is essential.
4. Some Network members do splendid jobs in their field and work on their own, or without other ITI collaborators. Their important work should be platformed and exposed via ITI NHIM FB and other social media, e.g. Community building through theatre and performance by Carlos During in indigenous cultures in Argentina / Uruguay border; - Academic research on indigenous tribal theatre forms in Brazil by Zeca Ligeiro.
5. Posting of current activities in Facebook to disseminate widely. Monthly skype calls or as needed. A determination to communicate with greater frequency.
6. As the refugee / asylum issues become greater in magnitude, we need to identify centres that deal with trauma experiences of children and youth who are forcibly uprooted from their

Board Members / Members
Jorge Ortoll, USA, President
Christos GEORGIOU, Cyprus, Secretary

Matthias GEHRT, Germany
Jjamba PHILLY, Uganda
Carlos DURING, Argentina
Zeca LIGEIRO, Brazil
Anina JEDREYKO, Switzerland
Claudia BERGER, Switzerland
Rama MANI, Switzerland / France / India
Nora AMIN, Egypt
Nasirudin YOUSSUF, Bangladesh

For more information about the Network for Heritage, Indigenous cultures & Migration N-HIM please connect with:
Jorge ORTOLL: jortoll(at)

>>Planned Activities Report 2014
>>Interim Activity Report 2014-2016