Network of Emerging Arts Professionals (NEAP)

The Network of Emerging Artists was formerly called Young Practitioners ‘Committee (YPC).

A network of a fully connected group of the next generation of artists and arts professionals that are active together in maintaining effective communication, facilitating collaboration across national boundaries and borders, and creating visibility and opportunities at the ITI congress through our activities.

• Build and nurture a network of emerging arts professionals within and outside of ITI
• Identify opportunities for collaboration between ITI and the network
• Cultivate supportive intergenerational relationships between Centres and the individual artists in our network
• Ensure a strong presence of emerging artists in Committees and at the ITI World Congress through our programs

Key Activities Communication
a) Maintain an online presence through the website, active social media channels and a group email list.
b) Create a bi-monthly newsletter featuring the activities of our members, and distributing information about opportunities.
c) Sustain a dialogue with Centres and Committees on programs, projects, information etc.
d) Foster engagement of Network of Emerging Arts Professionals within each Committee

a) Research funding opportunities for international collaboration
b) Facilitate exchange of ideas, skills, and artistic practice

a) Support activities that give visibility to emerging artists during the Congress
• Facilitate Micro-performances at the next congress with the Finnish ITI Centre Peer-led workshops
• Establish a mentorship program
• Speed dating session(s)
• Explore potential for cross-over between Network of Emerging Arts Professionals and Student Festival
• Professional development workshops
• Orientation meeting for first-timers and social activities for Network

b) Facilitate activities between Congresses
• International Drama Colony Creation Arts Residency with the ITI Croatia Centre in July 2018
• Attendance at the Joint Committee meeting in 2018 and at some EC meetings

Board and Board Members
Lloyd NYIKADZINO, Zimbabwe
Taiwo AFOLABI, Nigeria

Active Members
Buddhi WEERASEKERA, Sri Lanka
Bronwyn STEINBERG, Canada
Nina KRIZAN, Croatia
Tanmayee AMBEKAR, India
Diego Landin DEL RIO, Spain
Giorgia CIAMPI, France
Amu LAMP, Estonia
Frank G. RIVERA, Philippines
Pieter ZEEMAN, Netherlands
SOL Lee Han, South Korea
Anushka VAZE, India
Zubin KHETANI, India
Sayik SIDDIQUEE, Bangladesh
Jeferson FAGUNDES, Brazil
Amandina AUDINOT, France
Mayuree WEERASEKERA, Sri Lanka
Nataliya RUKHRENKO, Spain
Michael REALIN, Spain
Jessica MEADOWS, Spain
GIM Yena, South Korea
Lea KUKOVICIC, Slovenia
D CORTEZANO, Philippines
Stephane BALOURI, French
Hope KAAHWA, Uganda
Yolane ZALAY, France

For more information about the Network of Emerging Arts Professionals (NEAP) please connect with:
Lloyd NYIKADZINO, Zimbabwe: lloydnyikadzino(at)
Taiwo AFOLABI, Nigeria: taiwoafolabi4(at)

>>Planned Activities Report 2014
>>Interim Activity Report 2014-2016