International Dance Committee IDC

We believe that the experience of dance is the most universal embodiment of the human spirit. We are connectors and doers in a collaborative environment who foster the art of dance in all of its past, present and future forms.

The International Dance Committee, IDC provides a framework for international dialogue and cooperation for the global dance community to: create, showcase, teach, learn, preserve, and elevate dance; strengthen the cultural, social, political and educational relevance of dance worldwide, and promote dance as an evolving, vibrant art form.

• To further the study, practice and appreciation of all dance genres and traditions by people of all ages, capabilities, cultures and nationalities.
• To champion the innovation and preservation of the art of dance.
• To help facilitate partnerships, mobility and exchanges between dance artists around the world.
• To support dance artists to gain a better footing in their artistic, social and professional status.
• To combat all forms of racism, as well as social or political discrimination.
• To promote dance globally as a milestone of cultural identity and diversity, and to recognise it as a bridge between peoples that serves to encourage peace and friendship across the world.

Key Activities
• International Dance Day - Assisting ITI in the selection of the international message author, celebrating the day with one main event involving said message author, as well as actively participating in worldwide events initiated by ITI Centres and other institutions and initiatives.
• aDvANCE Insider, e-publication
• Hosting International Dance Symposiums
• Connecting with dance centres, dance houses, dance presenters and others, to strengthen the impact of IDC in the dance field and facilitating cooperation with nearly 100 national Centres of ITI.
• Connecting one-on-one with dance professionals and practitioners worldwide to invite new talents, skills, and expertise to IDC.
• Fuel the creation and realisation of projects that advance IDC’s mission and goals.
• Promote the archiving of precious dance documents to provide access, through dance libraries, to all.

Future Plans
• Events International Dance Day and Message (2018-2020)
• 6th International Dance Symposium in Jerusalem, Israel (2019)
• ChoreoLab during 36th ITI World Congress
• New Proposals Network for Rescue and Preservation of Worldwide Dance Heritage (Launch)
• Gala of Nations (Launch)
• Global Marketing aDvANCE Insider, e-publication DANCE CATALYST, campaign

Board Members
Alberto GARCÍA CASTAÑO, President, Spain
Marcia DE LA GARZA, Vice-President, Mexico/USA
Ruby EDELMAN, Vice-President, Israel
JUN Hong Jo, Vice-President, South Korea
Gloria GARCÍA ARAMBARRY, General Secretary, Puerto Rico
Luis LLERENA, Spain
Nicolle VIEIRA, Brazil
Beatriz DURANTE, Argentina
Bernarda JORGE, Dominican Republic
Oscar TORRADO, Spain

Honorary Presidents
Kerstin ANDERSEN, Denmark
Patricia AULESTIA, Mexico
Keith BAIN, Australia

Honorary Member
Georgette GERBARA, Lebanon

For more information about the International Dance Committee (IDC) please connect with:
Alberto GARCÍA CASTAÑO: director.universidad.danza(at) and gloria.garcia(at)
JUN Hong Jo: jhj575757(at)

>>Activity Report 2011-2014
>>Interim Activity Report 2014-2016