Theatre in Conflict Zones Network TCZN

Future Plans
NO.V.A. project (NO Visa for Artists) and ‘A passport for artists’ (Communication Campaign), promoted by Theatre in Conflict Zones Network, N-HIM-Heritage, Indigenous Cultures, Migrations Network, ACAR- Action Committee for Artists Rights (upcoming project)

Tournee of Freedom Theatre of Jenin in Sweden and Germany, promoted by Swedish Palestinian Friends Society and ITI Germany (2018)

Metamorphosis Project, intercultural activities and theatre production, ITI Italy, Astragali Teatro (ongoing)

Roma project (celebration of Roma and Sinti Culture Day), ITI Italy, Astragali Teatro

Festival of Theatre in Conflict Zones, Japan, promoted by ITI Japan (ongoing)

Ellen Steward Award, promoted by LaMama Umbria, ITI Italia, ITI worldwide (2018)

Board Members and Members
Alexander STILLMARK, President, Germany
Fabio TOLLEDI, Secretary, Italy
Anina JENDREYKO, Switzerland
Nora AMIN, Egypt
Olga KANISKINA, Russia
Nube SANDOVAL, Colombia
Shuji SOTA, Japan
Gherardo Vitali ROSATI, Italy
Rama MANI, Switzerland/France/India
Zeljka TURCINOVIC, Croatia
Vladislava FEKETE, Slovakia
Ann Mari ENGEL, Sweden
Martina PECKOVA, Czech Republic
Ali MAHDI, Sudan
Tarik ALI, Sudan

For more information about the Theatre in Conflict Zones Network TCZN please connect with:
Alexander STILLMARK: stillm(at)
Fabio TOLLEDI: fabio.tolledi(at)

>>Planned Activities Report 2014
>>Interim Activity Report 2014-2016